January 2, 2018


A popular tradition to ring in the new year is to create a list of New Year Resolutions. These are the goals that you want to achieve in the new year. Maybe you want to learn a new skill, strengthen relationships or improve upon an aspect of your life. Whatever the resolution, it should move you forward and support your personal or professional growth. Coming up with resolutions can be difficult, so we’ve created a list of Phi Sigma Pi 2018 New Year Resolutions that will strengthen your Chapter, support your leadership development and help you carry out our mission as a Collegiate Member of Phi Sigma Pi.

  1. Facilitate an LiA Module - If you’re not a Facilitator, become one by attending Facilitator Training at Leadership Academy, National Convention or virtually throughout the year. Once you’re a Facilitator, it’s time to request a Module to facilitate for your Chapter.
  2. Attend a Leadership Academy - Registration for the award-winning Leadership Academy is OPEN NOW! Connect with Members from other Chapters and develop as a leader.
  3. Volunteer with HOBY - Contact your local HOBY representative to find out how you can get involved this year. Some opportunities to volunteer include local HOBY CLeWs and Seminars. Contact hoby@phisigmapi.org if you need assistance getting started.
  4. Run for Exec Board or join a Committee - This one may be daunting for some, but there’s no better way to hone your leadership skills than to take on a leadership position in your Chapter. Start talking with your current Executive Board to find out which position is best for you!
  5. Take a Little during Initiation - Already have a Little? Take another one! This is your opportunity to mentor a new Phi Sigma Pi Member and create another lifelong bond in 2018.
  6. Attend National Convention - The 2018 National Convention will be held in Phoenix, Arizona and you are not going to want to miss this one! For most, National Convention is the highlight of their Phi Sigma Pi career. It might just be the highlight of your 2018 as well!
  7. Connect with an Alumnus - Alumni are important resources when it comes to getting professional advice and learning about life after college. Make the effort to connect with a Phi Sigma Pi Alumnus from your Chapter or an Alumnus in your area from any Chapter. Invite them to Chapter events or ask them on regular coffee outings. You never know how they could add to your 2018!
  8. Refer a Founder - Are you excited to see our Fraternity grow in 2018? Refer a Founder at a college or university that could be impacted by Phi Sigma Pi’s mission. One connection could lead to thousands of future Phi Sigma Pi Members!
  9. Get LiA Certified - 75 LiA points to be Certified… this will be the year! Attend LiA Tweet & Eats, Lunch & Learns and Modules to rack up those points. Pro Tip: Attend National Convention to get the most points in the shortest amount of time!
  10. Invite 5 friends to Recruitment - Help your Chapter grow by personally inviting at least 5 friends to attend Recruitment this year. Especially for those who will be graduating this year, this is a great way to ensure that you will leave your Chapter stronger than when you found it. Not to mention, you’ll be impacting 5 student’s 2018 for the best!

Download and print the Phi Sigma Pi 2018 New Year Resolutions checklist HERE. Hang it on your wall and check items off as you accomplish them this year. With each goal achieved, know that you are improving humanity with honor in 2018.