Why Start a Chapter?

Starting a Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career. You will have opportunities to work hand-in-hand with others, make lasting friendships, sharpen your leadership skills and create a legacy on your campus for future students.

Phi Sigma Pi will provide you with ongoing support throughout this journey and together we will work to ensure a successful new Chapter start-up.

Advantages of Starting a Phi Sigma Pi Chapter

  • You will influence the lives of countless individuals, far exceeding those you will ever meet personally, by giving them the opportunity to be part of such a unique and rewarding organization.
  • You will create the foundation for a Chapter of a national organization and experience leaving a legacy on your campus. Starting a Chapter is an important and directly related experience to most career fields.
  • You will make an immediate impact! Starting your own Chapter means that you can shape the organization as you see fit through leadership roles. Our goal is to build an award-winning Phi Sigma Pi Chapter at your school.
  • You will be invited to attend National Convention to receive your Chapter's charter during the annual National Awards Banquet and be honored with the title of “Founding Member.”

As a Founding Member, you have a much greater ability to shape Chapter operations to ensure long term success and sustainability on your campus. You will be in a position to immediately affect the direction of this new group and establish the foundation for a strong, meaningful and rewarding Phi Sigma Pi experience on your campus for years to come.


What kind of time commitment should I expect?
Phi Sigma Pi is an active campus organization. While every Chapter's participation requirements may vary, you can expect to attend weekly meetings, participate in the events and activities planned by the Chapter throughout the academic term.

How many Chapters and Members does Phi Sigma Pi have currently?
We have over 138 Chapters nationwide and we are growing. We have a network of 6,000 Collegiate Members and over 50,000 Alumni.

Can I be a member of Phi Sigma Pi and still belong to a social fraternity or sorority?
Definitely! Phi Sigma Pi complements many organizations. Our Members tend to be some of the most involved students on campus. We routinely have Members who are also involved in social fraternities or sororities, honor societies, university athletics, student government and many others. This phenomenon has led to many successful collaborative joint ventures between Phi Sigma Pi and other campus organizations, sharing of ideas, improved awareness and respect for other campus organizations and an improved sense of community.

Any other questions? Email startachapter@phisigmapi.org to setup a phone call with our Expansion Team.

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