Recruitment is the lifeblood of our organization. It allows our Fraternity to grow and our mission to spread. The more Members our Chapters recruit, the more leaders that will be impacting the world by improving humanity through leadership, scholarship and fellowship. That's why we've put together a page of helpful resources to support your Chapter in your Recruitment Efforts. If you ever have questions about Recruitment, please contact

Recruitment Materials

Download Recruitment Materials

Download professionally designed Recruitment posters, social media headers and graphics.

Lightning Bolt

Enroll in Surge

Surge is Phi Sigma Pi's Recruitment initiative. We understand that serving as Recruitment Advisor is a huge responsibility - and we've got your back! Enroll in Surge to unlock:

  • Custom Recruitment Dashboard to keep Recruitment organized
  • Custom Chapter web page on the website
  • RSVP form to collect information about your PNMs and track who will be attending your events
  • FREE Recruitment emails
  • MORE!

Download Recruitment Resources

Download various Recruitment Resources such as Recruitment posters, an Invitational Meeting presentation template and so much more from the Resource Center!

Fall 2017 Recruitment Shirt

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Looking for new Recruitment t-shirts or promotional items to give away to Potential New Members? Look no further than our list of approved vendors!