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Why You Will Love It

The Executive Leadership Program is a four-tiered professional leadership certificate program exclusively for Phi Sigma Pi Members. This program is designed with you in mind!

ELP Benefits

How It Works

The Executive Leadership Program courses are intentionally designed into six core professional competencies. These competencies were refined from Phi Sigma Pi's 17 Characteristics of an Excellent Member. The competencies are:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Management
  • Honor through Inspirational Leadership
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking

In a modern progressive 4-tiered leadership program, The Executive Leadership Program provides interactive, real-time, sought-after skill development. As you move through each tier, you'll grow your understanding, abilities and confidence. 

ELP Levels

What Members are Saying

"The Executive Leadership Program is consumable, relevant and engaging. The multimedia elements -- the videos and podcasts -- were very well chosen and provide a great variation of experience while pulling in external credible sources of insight." -Alumna Britt Di Leo, Virginia Tech '93

"ELP stands out because of its intentionally cascaded curriculum. By framing and organizing courses in a specific order and building them off of each other, ELP ensures continuity in knowledge acquisition, ensures the material are appropriate for the learner, and are applicable for one’s career."  - Alumnus Luigi Nuñez, Saint Joseph's University '14

What You Earn

In addition to gaining an invaluable skillset, with each tier, you are granted access to the following benefits and more!

  • Digital Badges
  • Custom Certificate
  • LinkedIn Certifications
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Email Signatures Displaying Recognition

How to Get Started

This program is included in your Membership. Are you ready to become an Executive Leadership Program candidate? The first step is to enroll. Once you enroll, you will be granted access to start your first tier. Click here to Get Started!

For more information, email Director of Leadership Advancement Kasi Dotterer at ELP@phisigmapi.org

Tier 1The Executive Leadership Program’s Tier 1, "Leading Yourself" (Basic), will serve as your cornerstone,  which the entire program is built upon. It's designed to refine and elevate the inherent skills you possess as a collegiate student and a Member of Phi Sigma Pi. This tier establishes the leadership foundation for you, specifically. You'll focus on self-awareness, effective collaboration, and integrating leadership into your daily life. With 93% of employers recognizing the pivotal role of soft skills in their hiring decisions, the Executive Leadership Program equips candidates with a comprehensive toolkit of leadership competencies This tier is instrumental in preparing you for your leadership journey. 

Tier 2As an Executive Leadership Program Candidate, you're embarking on an exciting journey within the Executive Leadership Program with Tier 2, fittingly named Leading Others. This tier is your next step in developing essential leadership skills that will empower you to thrive in the ever-evolving world of leadership.

Building upon the foundational knowledge gained in Tier 1, Leading Others delves deeper into cultivating your ability to lead and inspire. This tier is all about honing your fundamental leadership skills, facilitating a smooth transition from being an individual performer to confidently leading a team and mastering the art of building relationships to drive effective teamwork.

Tier 3As an Executive Leadership Program Candidate, you're poised to explore the dynamic realm of Tier 3, Leading Leaders. This stage of the program, aptly named Leading Leaders, propels you further in your leadership journey, focusing on advanced skills vital for navigating the complexities of leadership. In this tier, you will delve into the art of risk-taking, building resilience, mastering team leadership, and understanding the profound impact of servant leadership. 

Tier 3 equips you with the expertise needed to confidently guide and mentor others, transforming you into a resilient and empathetic leader capable of shaping teams, overcoming challenges, and fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and growth. The program is structured around a diverse array of courses aimed at honing leadership abilities across various dimensions.

Tier 4Welcome to the pinnacle of leadership excellence: Executive Leadership Program Tier 4 - Leading the Organization. Aspiring leaders and seasoned executives alike, this tier is designed to hone Candidates' skills and empower them to navigate the multifaceted challenges of leading a modern organization. Each course within this tier serves as a strategic pillar, equipping Candidates with the knowledge and expertise essential for effective leadership in today's dynamic business landscape.

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Executive Leadership Program FAQs

What prompted the Executive Leadership Program (ELP)? 
The Leadership in Action (LiA) program has seen significant growth in recent years, thanks to its updated online format, which has resulted in more Members earning their LiA Certification. This success has led us to consider how we can further expand and enhance LiA to better meet our Members' needs in the online space.

What is the Executive Leadership Program (ELP)? 
We are pleased to introduce the Executive Leadership Program (ELP), which will serve as Phi Sigma Pi's new leadership development program. The Executive Leadership Program is a four-tiered certificate program for cultivating professional, interpersonal growth for Phi Sigma Pi Members. The Executive Leadership Program will focus on developing both soft skills and leadership capabilities, with a four-tiered approach: self-leadership, leading others, leading leaders, and leading organizations.

The Executive Leadership Program will offer self-paced online courses and lessons covering six essential leadership competencies. Each course or lesson will focus on specific soft skills or a group of related skills.

Where does the foundation for the courses come from?
We have partnered with a research-oriented training company that provides customized soft-skills training materials and infused Phi Sigma Pi's 17 Characteristics of an Excellent Member.

What are the six essential leadership competencies?
We took Phi Sigma Pi’s 17 Characteristics of an Excellent Member and refined them into six essential leadership competencies. They are Emotional Intelligence, Team Management, Honor through Inspirational Leadership, Inclusive Leadership, Collaborative Leadership and Strategic Thinking.

What is an Executive Leadership Program “Candidate”?
An Executive Leadership Program Candidate refers to a Phi Sigma Pi Member who has actively enrolled in and committed to participating in the Executive Leadership Program. These individuals are driven and dedicated members of the Phi Sigma Pi community who seek to further develop their leadership skills, enhance their professional competencies, and make a positive impact within their organization and beyond.

As candidates, they engage in a structured and immersive learning experience, progressing through various tiers of the program to refine their leadership abilities, expand their knowledge, and cultivate a deeper understanding of leadership principles. Through their enrollment, Executive Leadership Program Candidates demonstrate a strong commitment to personal and professional growth, embracing the opportunity to refine their leadership prowess and contribute meaningfully to both Phi Sigma Pi and the broader community.

How long does it take to complete a tier?
The program is designed to be completed at your own pace. For the enhanced tiers, expect to invest 150 minutes per tier.

What do I earn when completing the Executive Leadership Program?
Completing the tiers in the Executive Leadership Program comes with a range of benefits, including digital badges, certificates, custom letter of recommendation, and merchandise. It is important to note that the official benefits may change and more may be added as the program grows.