The three stars emblazoned upon the band shine brilliantly to remind us to become proficient in the use of Research, Study and Tolerance, the only weapons which will effectively ward off the attacks of our worst enemies, Tradition, Ignorance and Prejudice. [...] The scholar who is not fortified with Tolerance, or open-mindedness, is certain to be conquered by Prejudice. - The Ritual

Our Commitment to DEIA

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility are important to our Members, our leadership and our mission. We are committed to educating, supporting and evolving to meet the needs and expectations of all of our Members. 

Resources Available Now

We want to offer opportunities for self-reflection, listening, and open dialogue for those who are leaders and allies. These resources are the first step to opening that discussion. The National Council, in conjunction and consultation with our DEI Consultants Inclusion Strategy Solutions, has created a document listing organizations that are able to provide up-to-date and informative content and suggestions for education, reading, watching and more. Please know the resources listed in the document below are not exhaustive and up to date as of this posting.

DEIA Resource Document

Phi Sigma Pi Resources

Phi Sigma Pi is committed to offering our own educational programming in DEIA. Currently, we offer the following sessions:

Leadership in Action Lunch & Learn: DEI Basics with Inclusion Strategy Solutions
Leadership in Action Mini-Module: Microaggressions
Leadership in Action  Lunch & Learn: Addressing Micro-aggressions with Inclusion Strategy Solutions
Leadership in Action  Lunch & Learn: Allyship with Inclusion Strategy Solutions
Leadership in Action DEI Specialization
Inclusive Mindset Webinar Series
Everyday Diversity Series with National Convention Keynote Speaker Justin Jones-Fosu

We also invite you to review our Chapter resources at

Please view our Strategic Plan to read how DEIA is present in all aspects of our operations and future planning.

If you have additional ideas for how we can continue to educate and provide action items, please let us know at

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