A lot has changed in the world since 1996, our Fraternity especially. We've grown in numbers both in membership and in location. Our staff has quadrupled. We've seen generations pass through our doors. But one thing that hasn't changed is our dedication to our Members.

We've done a lot with with our facilities since 1996, but think of all we could do with a better one.

Our formal Boardroom will be transformed into the Fraternity's Library and will display the Fraternity's history.

In order to bring our Fraternity into our next phase, we need to update our Headquarters. The National Headquarters is the hub for all of our Members' needs and where we develop programs and initiatives to help grow the leaders of tomorrow. Our updated facility will enable us to reach our Members in new and exciting ways. We'll be renovating our existing building to bring it into the 21st Century. That means a new look, a new layout and, most exciting, new learning spaces.

Our ground floor will now become a brand new Learning Center. We'll be able to hold in person and virtual trainings for our Members. Our existing boardroom will become our official Fraternity Library and will be highlighting Phi Sigma Pi's history with displays of artifacts important to our Fraternity's founding. But we need YOU to make it a reality.

Learning Center
The unfinished basement will become a interactive Learning Center.

Our Founders had the bold vision to start this organization. They, and the Members who followed, have built a strong foundation for us to build upon. Get in on the ground floor and support the Building our Future campaign today.

All gifts to the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation are tax-deductible, fulfilling and easy! Choose the method that best suits you: 

  • Make an online donation. You can set up automatic recurring gifts so you can pay in installments of your choice over time.
Jeff Johnson
Campaign Chair Jeff Johnson (Sigma Chapter '87)
  • Please make your check payable to The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation and mail it to us at:

         The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation
         2119 Ambassador Circle
         Lancaster, PA 17603

  • Make your gift by phone at 717-299-4710 or 800-366-1916.

Thank you to our Capital Campaign Donors 


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