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To see the Phi Sigma Pi Chapters closest to your location click on the map below to zoom in on a specific area. To see a summary of Chapters by state, please refer to the list below. Alumni Chapters/Associations are also noted below. Unable to find your college or university? Check out our membership page.

Auburn University (Gamma Omicron Chapter)
University of Alabama (Delta Beta Chapter)
University of Alabama at Birmingham (Eta Beta Chapter)

Arizona State University (Epsilon Omega Chapter)

University of California, Davis (Zeta Upsilon Chapter)
University of California, Riverside (Zeta Eta Chapter) 
University of California, San Diego (Zeta Alpha Chapter)
University of California, Santa Barbara (Zeta Epsilon Chapter)

Colorado State University (Eta Rho Chapter)
University of Colorado Boulder (Delta Sigma Chapter)
University of Northern Colorado (Delta Rho Chapter)

University of Connecticut (Beta Pi Chapter)

University of Delaware (Alpha Eta Chapter)

Florida State University (Gamma Eta Chapter)
University of Central Florida (Gamma Chi Chapter)
University of Florida (Gamma Epsilon Chapter)
University of Miami (Delta Lambda Chapter)
University of South Florida (Epsilon Delta Chapter)

Emory University (Eta Delta Chapter)
Georgia Tech (Epsilon Theta Chapter)
Georgia Southern University (Gamma Gamma Chapter)
Kennesaw State University (Epsilon Nu Chapter)
University of Georgia (Beta Zeta Chapter)
University of North Georgia (Epsilon Chi Chapter)
University of West Georgia (Gamma Delta Chapter)

Iowa State University (Zeta Phi Chapter)
University of Iowa (Epsilon Sigma Chapter)
University of Northern Iowa (Eta Alpha Chapter)

DePaul University (Eta Gamma Chapter)
Eastern Illinois University (Beta Omega Chapter)
Illinois State University (Delta Eta Chapter)
Northwestern University (Zeta Omicron Chapter)
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign (Epsilon Zeta Chapter)

Purdue University (Gamma Alpha Chapter)

Morehead State University (Gamma Beta Chapter)
Northern Kentucky University (Epsilon Rho Chapter)
University of Kentucky (Gamma Upsilon Chapter)
Western Kentucky University (Beta Phi Chapter)

Louisiana State University (Gamma Theta Chapter)
Tulane University (Gamma Tau Chapter)

University of Massachusetts Amherst (Beta Upsilon Chapter)
Wentworth Institute of Technology (Epsilon Kappa Chapter)

Frostburg University (Eta Epsilon Chapter)
Towson University (Gamma Pi Chapter)
University of Maryland (Alpha Beta Chapter)

University of Maine (Delta Mu Chapter)

Central Michigan University (Gamma Mu Chapter)
Grand Valley State University (Epsilon Psi Chapter)
Michigan State University (Beta Sigma Chapter)
University of Michigan (Beta Alpha Chapter)
Western Michigan University (Gamma Rho Chapter)

Minnesota State University, Mankato (Epsilon Lambda Chapter)

Mississippi State University (Delta Tau Chapter)

Missouri State University (Gamma Sigma Chapter)
Missouri University of Science and Technology (Zeta Pi Chapter)
Truman State University (Beta Chapter)
University of Central Missouri (Alpha Chapter)
University of Missouri (Delta Xi Chapter)

University of Nebraska (Gamma Omega Chapter)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Zeta Psi Chapter)

New Jersey 
Montclair State University (Alpha Iota Chapter)
Rowan University (Eta Mu Chapter)
Rutgers University (Alpha Theta Chapter)

New Mexico 
New Mexico State University (Delta Iota Chapter)
University of New Mexico (Epsilon Upsilon Chapter)

New York
Cornell University (Beta Nu Chapter)
Rochester Institute of Technology (Delta Alpha Chapter)
Syracuse University (Beta Epsilon Chapter)

North Carolina 
Appalachian State University (Eta Omicron Chapter)
East Carolina University (Tau Chapter)
North Carolina State University (Beta Delta Chapter)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Alpha Kappa Chapter)
University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Eta Xi Chapter)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Alpha Chi Chapter)
University of North Carolina Wilmington (Beta Omicron Chapter)
Western Carolina University (Gamma Zeta Chapter)

Bowling Green State University (Epsilon Beta Chapter)
Cleveland State University (Zeta Gamma Chapter)
Kent State University (Beta Beta Chapter)
Miami University (Beta Xi Chapter)
Ohio University (Epsilon Iota Chapter)
The Ohio State University (Beta Iota Chapter)
University of Cincinnati (Epsilon Phi Chapter)

University of Oklahoma (Gamma Phi Chapter)

Bloomsburg University of PA (Iota Chapter)
California University of PA (Kappa Chapter)
Drexel University (Gamma Xi Chapter)
East Stroudsburg University (Epsilon Omicron Chapter)
Edinboro University (Upsilon Chapter)
Franklin & Marshall College (Zeta Beta Chapter)
Indiana University of PA (Eta Chapter)
Kutztown University of PA (Epsilon Alpha Chapter)
Lehigh University (Delta Chi Chapter)
Mansfield University of PA (Theta Chapter)
Millersville University of PA (Sigma Chapter)
Pennsylvania State University (Alpha Pi Chapter)
Robert Morris University (Eta Kappa Chapter)
Saint Joseph's University (Zeta Iota Chapter)
Shippensburg University of PA (Omicron Chapter)
Slippery Rock University (Mu Chapter)
Temple University (Alpha Lambda Chapter)
University of Pittsburgh (Alpha Omega Chapter)
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (Eta Lambda Chapter)
Villanova University (Epsilon Tau Chapter)
Widener University (Alpha Delta Chapter)
West Chester University of PA (Alpha Epsilon Chapter)
York College of PA (Alpha Zeta Chapter)

Rhode Island
The University of Rhode Island (Eta Sigma Chapter)

South Carolina
Clemson University (Beta Kappa Chapter)
Coastal Carolina University (Zeta Xi Chapter)
University of South Carolina (Alpha Upsilon Chapter)

East Tennessee State University (Epsilon Xi Chapter)
Middle Tennessee State University (Beta Psi Chapter)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Eta Theta Chapter)
Vanderbilt University (Epsilon Chapter)

Sam Houston State University (Delta Upsilon Chapter)
Southern Methodist University (Zeta Zeta Chapter)
Texas State University (Delta Phi Chapter)
Trinity University (Zeta Tau Chapter)
University of North Texas (Delta Kappa Chapter)
University of Texas at San Antonio (Epsilon Mu Chapter)

University of Utah (Eta Nu Chapter)

Christopher Newport University (Eta Pi Chapter)
College of William and Mary (Gamma Psi Chapter)
George Mason University (Zeta Delta Chapter)
James Madison University (Beta Rho Chapter)
Longwood University (Eta Iota Chapter)
Old Dominion University (Eta Zeta Chapter)
Radford University (Alpha Xi Chapter)
University of Virginia (Alpha Omicron Chapter)
Virginia Tech (Alpha Rho Chapter)
Virginia Commonwealth University (Alpha Sigma Chapter)

University of Washington (Zeta Sigma Chapter)

Washington, D.C.
American University (Beta Lambda Chapter)
George Washington University (Beta Mu Chapter)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Zeta Rho Chapter)

West Virginia
West Virginia University (Alpha Mu Chapter)

Alumni Chapters
Baltimore Metro Area Alumni Chapter (BMAAC)
Capital Alumni Chapter
Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter (DVAC)
Eastern North Carolina Alumni Chapter (ENCAC)
Metrolina Alumni Chapter
Middle Tennessee Alumni Chapter (MTAC)
New York Metro Area Alumni Chapter (NYMAAC)
Pittsburgh Area Alumni Chapter (PAAC)
Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter (SAAC)

Alumni Associations
Detroit Area Alumni Association (DAAA)
Greater Boston Alumni Association (GBAA)
Richmond Area Alumni Association (RAAA)
Seattle Metro Area Alumni Association (SMAAA)

Unable to find your college or university? Check out our membership page.