December 21, 2018

Soft skills (communication and strategic thinking) and professional development (participating in a professional organization) are some of the top qualities that companies look for when hiring new employees. According to, discussing your soft skills during an interview is valuable, but being able to show and explain courses you have taken or a certification you have earned gives you a great advantage over your competition.

Sound familiar? That’s the Leadership in Action (LiA) program. Adding Leadership in Action and the Modules you have completed and/or facilitated to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to showcase and explain the soft skills employers are looking for. These are additional professional skills you have learned beyond your college courses.

Watch the video, below, as it shows you, step-by-step, how to add the Leadership in Action program and Modules to your LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn, these are the soft skills companies are looking for the most:

  • leadership
  • communication
  • collaboration
  • time management
  • strategic thinking
  • feedback
  • building relationships

Showing off the soft skills you have as a professional is great because they translate to most career paths and most aspects of being a strong employee, teammate and leader, noted

Start building up your soft skills with your Chapter by requesting and completing the following Leadership in Action Modules. 

  1. Diversity Equity and Inclusion - Leading The Conversation
  2. The Art Of Effective Communication - Communication By Styles
  3. The Team Foundation - The Winning Combination
  4. Juggling Multiple Priorities - I Can Do That Later
  5. Strategic Planning - The Power Of A Shared Vision
  6. Successful Feeding - Giving Constructive Feedback
  7. Building Trust - The Seeds To Success

Click here to see the complete list of LiA Modules.

Take time with your Chapter to have a workshop day to learn more about what can be added to your LinkedIn profile to make it stand out from the competition. As a Chapter, update and add items to your profiles such as Phi Sigma Pi membership, Leadership in Action participation, volunteer work, hard and soft skills, etc. 

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