October 12, 2017

Everyone has those moments or days where frustration sets in and the challenges that you are facing feel like they will never be conquered. When faced with a frustrating challenge, use these 6 methods to help regain focus and tackle the challenge again.

  1. Take a timeout - Take a step away from the challenge and give yourself an opportunity to clear your head. This will let fresh ideas in and let you re-evaluate the situation before trying again.
  2. Talk to someone - Talk to someone who has been in a similar situation. They will be able to genuinely understand the frustration you are going through. They can also be a great resource for advice and encouragement.
  3. Give yourself a free pass for 24-hours - Have a day to enjoy things that you wouldn't normally let yourself indulge in. Get dessert after dinner, sleep in or binge watch a new show. Take in those 24-hours and then make the next day your best day!
  4. Do a productive, healthy task to distract you - Go to the gym, watch your favorite funny movie, get lost in a hobby that gets the creative juices flowing! Just do something that can help take your mind off of what is frustrating you.
  5. Feng shui your environment - Declutter and organize your workspace, start a giveaway pile, bring in something new and fresh - like a plant or flowers - or light a candle. This will help bring in a more positive energy and have your feel ready to tackle any task.
  6. List all of the good in your life - A great way to regain optimism is to think of all of the blessings and good you have in your life. Writing them down in a journal or notebook is a great way to remember what you have and that this frustration is only a small bump in the road.

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