September 28, 2017

Bigs and Littles create a special bond and can play an important role in your Phi Sigma Pi life. It all starts with the matching of Bigs to Littles. Matching up Bigs and Littles is a fun and great Fellowship event to get Members and Initiates bonding. The video above shares great ways for Bigs and Littles to get to know one another before making a match.

The relationship that Bigs and Littles have is something that no one else can replicate. Bigs are there to be their Little's mentor, support system and biggest fans as they go through the Initiation Program. The second video explains different ways to help Little's during the Initiation Program and ways to strengthen the Big/Little relationship. Remember! Being there for each other and sharing time together is more important than any monetary gifts given.

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Leadership in Action Modules are made specifically to help Phi Sigma Pi Members become successful in school and in the workplace. Check out the following 3 Modules to help you with building Relationship and Communication, then request one today: 

1. The Art of Effective Communication-Exploring Your Communication Style

2. The Team Foundation-There Is No I In Team

3. Start the Conversation-The Way To Say It