September 26, 2018

Grand ChapterMembers of the 2018 Grand Chapter left a big impact on our National Fraternity by amending parts of the Phi Sigma Pi National Constitution, electing a new National Council and by supporting The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation

During a break within the Grand Chapter Meeting, The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation President Christopher McCoy (Gamma Beta Chapter '07) challenged the Grand Chapter to a fun game that raised money for The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation. Members had to put $1 each into play. The goal: be the last one standing by picking either heads (hands in the air) or tails (hands down). After rounds and rounds there was one winner, Melanie Robles of the Gamma Alpha Chapter at Purdue University. Melanie Robles (Gamma Alpha Chapter)

With all of the money raised, the Grand Chapter decided to use the money to Champion a Leadership in Action Module. As the winner, Melanie got to pick which Module to Champion. 

The 2018 Grand Chapter has Championed the Leadership in Action Module Diversity, Equity & Inclusion- Leading The Conversation. 

Leadership in Action
The Leadership in Action Program is funded by donations through The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation. Want to leave an impact on the Leadership in Action program? Your Chapter or yourself can Champion a Leadership in Action Module as well. With a donation of $250 to the Leadership in Action Program through The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation, you are making a difference in the lives of Members by giving them the opportunity to gain real-life skills they will use for a lifetime. Learn more about Championing a Module. Find a full list of Modules and those who Championed them here.