September 26, 2019

HOBY GroupHow did you get involved with HOBY?
I attended the Illinois Central South (HOBY ILCS) Leadership Seminar in 2014 as a high school sophomore.

How have you been involved with HOBY as a volunteer?
I began volunteering in September of 2014 as part of the Junior Staff team for Illinois Central South Leadership Seminar. Some of the duties that I had while on Junior Staff were recruiting students to attend our seminar by contacting school guidance counselors and assisting with fundraising. Last year, I was the College Fair Coordinator, tasked with reaching out to colleges and universities across Illinois. This program had yielded high success in the past and I helped grow our fair which was instrumental in 150 students beginning their college search process. For the 2020 Seminar, I will be the Director of Operations.

What does HOBY mean to you? How have you grown as a leader through HOBY?
HOBY gave me the space to interact with like-minded people with a vision to influence the world in a positive manner. I really learned what kind of person I was and how I can use my strengths to better help fellow leaders, my community, and my world. Without HOBY, I would have never had the confidence to take on leadership roles and new projects in clubs and organizations that I was apart in high school and in college. HOBY has enabled me to be able to communicate effectively with fellow leaders while working on projects, has shown me when I need to step up among my peers and take charge, as well as when to take a step back and let the best person for the job be the leader. Additionally, HOBY taught me what service and volunteerism can do to better the world, but it also showed me how volunteerism can help me better myself. Service allows oneself to learn new ideas and skills from the world around them

VolunteerHow did you get involved with Phi Sigma Pi?
I learned about Phi Sigma Pi a few years ago when the philanthropic partnership with HOBY began and heard from a few volunteers that Phi Sigma Pi offered a very similar atmosphere to HOBY and I really latched onto that idea. I was looking for that group of like-minded people in college and after meeting Members, the Delta Eta Chapter showed me that I could find it on my campus. I joined Phi Sigma Pi not only because of the fellowship that I had already felt from attending my first information session, but for the leadership events they partook in like volunteering in the community and the high standard of academics from the Brothers.

How does supporting and engaging with HOBY advance our mission of "Improving Humanity with Honor?"
It is a no brainer that supporting and engaging with HOBY advances Phi Sigma Pi’s mission of “Improving Humanity with Honor.” Working with HOBY had allowed me to engage and foster growth within the next group of our world’s leaders. These future leaders will go onto do great things that will shape our world and improve humanity for the generations to follow. They will be prevalent in every occupation and succeed and improve their work as far as they can. Being instrumental in those initial steps that show them what they can achieve and show them effects on the world that they can have is how I improve humanity with honor through HOBY.

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