Welcome Ambassadors, Alumni and Volunteers of Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership

In 2015 Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity entered into a partnership with Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership as our National Philanthropy. Ever since we have been cultivating a relationship of volunteerism, service and support that has benefited both of our organizations in big ways. Use the form below to sign up for Phi Sigma Pi opportunities, including webinars and programming. You can also contact hoby@phisigmapi.org with any questions.

Who we are

Who We Are

Find out what Phi Sigma Pi is and who we are. Learn about our mission, ideals and history!


Join Phi Sigma Pi!

View our list of Chapters to find if your school has a Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. If it does, fill out the contact form below and we'll put you in touch with the Chapter about joining!

Start a Chapter

Start a Chapter

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Find Volunteers

Whether it's CLeW volunteers, Leadership Seminar Facilitators or help in securing donations for an event, Phi Sigma Pi and our 50,000+ Member base are excited and ready to support HOBY’s mission and programs! If you're looking for volunteers or support from Phi Sigma Pi, here is how you can do so:

1. Email hoby@phisigmapi.org and we will connect you with appropriate Members and/or Chapter(s).

2. If you know your local Phi Sigma Pi contact, feel free to reach out to them directly.

HOBY VolunteersFinding volunteers FAQ:

In what ways can Phi Sigma Pi volunteer for HOBY?
Our Members can volunteer individually or as a Chapter as…

  • Leadership Seminar Facilitators and Junior/Associate Facilitators

  • CLeW Volunteers/Organizers

  • Committee Members

  • Service Day(s) Volunteers

Members can also make monetary and good donations for HOBY programs or to sponsor an Ambassador. We are always open to new ways that we can get involved and support HOBY!

Do we need to contact the Phi Sigma Pi National Office if we receive a monetary donation from Chapters/Members?
We would appreciate it if the National Office was made aware of any monetary donations made to HOBY from our Members. We have asked Chapters to include their Chapter name with their donation so we can keep track. If you receive a monetary donation, please e-mail Sarah Smith at hoby@phisigmapi.org.

HOBY VolunteersI want to contact a specific Chapter, how do I get their contact information?
You can view our Chapters here to see which ones are located near you/your event. Most of our Chapters have Facebook pages that you can contact them through. You can also email hoby@phisigmapi.org and we will connect you with the Chapter President.

Do Members need to fill out any paperwork for the National Office in order to volunteer at a HOBY event?
No. Members just need to fill out the appropriate paperwork that HOBY International requires.

A Chapter/Member has reached out to me looking to volunteer. Do we need to let the National Office know?
No. We have advised our Members to contact their local HOBY representative before they do any service projects benefitting HOBY. Though you don’t need to contact the National Office, we would appreciate any feedback on your experience working with our Members!

HOBY VolunteersCan I reach out to Alumni as well?
Of course! Our Alumni are just as excited as our Collegiates about our partnership with HOBY. We have several Alumni Chapters and many individual Alumni all across the country. Please contact the National Office at hoby@phisigmapi.org if you would like to reach out to Alumni.

Will the National Office cover any travel costs or administrative costs associated with volunteering?
No. Any travel/administrative costs will need to be covered by the individual or the Chapter.

Do we need to run background checks for Phi Sigma Pi Members?
Background checks are NOT required for Phi Sigma Pi Members performing volunteer service with HOBY Alumni or attending social events with HOBY.  However, typical background check procedures apply for those volunteering at a Leadership Seminar and/or they are dealing directly with students (e.g. Facilitators). If you have any questions you can email hoby@phisigmapi.org.

If you have further questions or would like to speak with our HOBY partnership lead, please contact Sarah Smith at hoby@phisigmapi.org.