September 13, 2017

You don’t have to be a Member of Phi Sigma Pi for a long time to experience the National support our organization offers. Year round, you can find Members connecting across the country during National events, vacations or big moves.

As Phi Sigma Pi Founding Members work to build new Chapters on their campus, we want to ensure they feel the support of our Brotherhood right away. The National Office has heard from so many Members who want to support a new Chapter, but may not have one nearby.

We have two solutions for you!

  1. Tell the National Office where you would like to see a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. If you think a campus in your surrounding area would be a great fit for a Chapter, let the National Office know here.
  2. Send an encouragement to one of our Fall 2017 new Chapters! Submit your encouragement here and we will share your message with the group.

Sending an encouragement to a new Chapter is a great way to welcome them into the Fraternity and share our Brother for life mission. You can share your favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory, send a helpful tip as they build their Chapter or congratulate them after their Formal Induction Ceremony! 

If your Chapter wants to take this to the next level and send an encouragement video or care package, email Don’t miss your opportunity to spread the love and support you have received to new Brothers across the country. Send your encouragement today!