March 22, 2018

There is nothing more exciting than watching students start their Phi Sigma Pi journey. Throughout the next few weeks we will be introducing you to Phi Sigma Pi’s newest group of Founding Members. First up, the Founding Members at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

This group went through the Pinning Ceremony on March 16th and has already planned a fellowship potluck and organized an intramural softball team. The next few weeks these students will be learning more about Phi Sigma Pi, bonding as a group and establishing the foundation for the future of the Chapter. Check out below what a few of the Founding Members are most excited about.

"The thing I am most excited about being a Founding Member of Phi Sigma Pi is starting a new family that will leave a legacy beyond my time here at UNC Charlotte." - Matthew Basel

“I am looking forward to the once in a lifetime opportunities that I am about to experience, that I may not have again. The idea of being able to make lifelong friends, gain networking and learn from these experiences is exciting in itself but knowing that I helped a fraternity be born on the UNCC campus is even more.” - Lindsey Stiefvater

UNC Charlotte Founding Class

Stay tuned as we follow these Founding Members on their journey and watch them make history by starting a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi.

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2018 National Convention | July 25 - 29, 2018

Want to meet the UNC Charlotte Chapter Founding Members and cheer them on when they receive their Charter at National Convention? Join us in Phoenix, Arizona for the 2018 National Convention!