December 11, 2019

How to Make Connections

“Minute to Win It” is one of the Eta Lambda Chapters most involved Recruitment events where current Members are placed alongside Potential New Members. "This encourages Brotherhood as well as friendly competition," says the Recruitment Advisor. Recruitment is a time to create new connections, but also showcase the strengths that each individual Member possesses.

Continual engagement with new Initiates can seem difficult, but there are simple ways you can ensure that your Members are staying connected with the Initiates. "Our current Members are actively greeting Potential New Members (PNMs) on campus, so they are able to spot a friendly face, ” Torres explains. Ensuring that Initiates are connecting with current Members is the first piece to forming lasting connections.

Use Your Resources

Eta Lambda stays active on campus during their Spring Student Activities fairVilma Fermin from the Zeta Iota Chapter at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia is the outgoing Chapter President and has witnessed the Chapter grow firsthand. "I decided to join my second semester and when I came out to meet the Brothers, they were a smaller Chapter. The Fall semester 2018 is when I felt like things began changing and we started to rebrand around campus."

The National Office is excited to provide each Chapter with Recruitment materials and marketing assistance through SURGE to keep the consistent branding across Chapters. Vilma became President of the Zeta Iota Chapter in January 2019 and the Executive Board had a goal of establishing Phi Sigma Pi on campus. 

How did they do that? The inner Chapter support system is integral to maintaining relationships. "There was a greater support system created and you felt the presence of Brothers on campus. We spent a lot (of) time shouting out Brothers for the amazing accomplishments they had outside of the Fraternity, which developed a strong sense of fellowship. Whether it was attending a cultural event or congratulating a Brother on getting a full-time job, there were always people to lean on." 
PNM's witnessed the bonds that Members shared and bought in. "This community allowed Potential New Members to feel the welcoming spirit that we shared during Recruitment events. Currently, our Chapter has over 100 Members, which wasn’t always the case."

Leadership is Key

Recruitment is more than bonding; surrounding yourself with strong leaders is something that we consistently encourage. Taking time to prioritize what is important to you, to your Chapter and to your future is necessary. "In addition to the increase in numbers, we have seen an increase in commitment and initiative taken. We have recently become a Chapter that welcomes change and I think that is what has led to our Chapter to great success," says Vilma.The Zeta Iota Chapter explores a local pumpkin patch

Whether you are a seasoned leader or looking to build your skills, we help individuals become strong leaders. Understanding that skills take time to perfect is one of the reasons that our Members begin growing as soon as they begin Recruitment, and continue to grow as Alumni and NAA Members. "This semester we placed emphasis on empowering those who may not hold positions to speak up and take charge of different events. This helped us get to know each other and work on new projects that we love,” said Vilma.

Whatever your Chapter goals are for the upcoming year, SURGE materials will help showcase the innovative and creative minds that drive your Chapter! Be sure to request your materials, update your website and send emails to help YOU grow your Chapter.