Phi Sigma Pi is recruiting achievers that are passionate about developing as leaders and improving humanity through scholarship, leadership and fellowship. Does that sound like you? You're invited to meet our Members and learn about the process of joining Phi Sigma Pi at one of our upcoming events.


Kamryn, Co-Recruitment Advisor,
I'm Kamryn, a junior Art History Major. My hometown is Mobile, Alabama. My favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory is honestly all of being an Initiate, and meeting up with my new Brothers every week was ahighlight for me. I think Phi Sigma Pi includes the friendliest, most willing to help people in the world and the whole fraternity very much fosters the idea that we can all do better if we all help each other.


Shalley, President,
I'm Shalley, a senior Psychology and Russian Major. My hometown is Martinez, Califorina. My favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory is karaoke night. I think you should join Phi Sigma Pi because it's such an unique organization. We balance the comradery of social organizations and the vast academic interest of pre-professional groups. There’s something there for everyone, whether they are looking to develop their soft skills of communication or networking, or if they just want to find a group of like-minded friends.


Sherry, Inclusivity Chair,
I'm Sherry, a junior Psychology Major from San Jose, California. My favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory was when we had meaningful conversation about inclusivity as Initiates. I felt like it really made most of us closer to one another. I think you should join Phi Sigma Pi because it includes  awesome people, fun events, and great opportunities for leadership positions... why not join?

Beau Goodreaux

Beau, Historian,
I'm Beau, a junior Cell and Molecular Biology Major from Covington, LA. My favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory is absolutely the JackBox Game Night from Recruitment last semester. It was probably the hardest I’ve laughed since I started at Tulane! I believe you should join Phi Sigma Pi because it’s an awesome way to meet and connect with all sorts of amazing people from all across Tulane’s campus.