Phi Sigma Pi is recruiting achievers that are passionate about developing as leaders and improving humanity through scholarship, leadership and fellowship. Does that sound like you? You're invited to meet our Members and learn about the process of joining Phi Sigma Pi at one of our upcoming events!

Jesselyn Emily

Emily Briggs, Recruitment Advisor -
My name is Emily and I am originally from Southern Delaware. I am a senior Psychology major in the honors thesis program. Membership in Phi Sigma Pi has given me over 50 Brothers whom I consider a part of my family and will cherish for a lifetime. My favorite event is recruitment week, so I look forward to meeting all of you, and letting you know what Phi Sigma Pi is all about. I hope you will attend our virtual recruitment to create the connections I have been so fortunate to gain through my membership in this brotherhood. If you are an underclassmen, an upperclassmen, or a transfer student looking to find your place on campus- look no further! We are a diverse and inclusive organization that values scholarship, leadership and fellowship-- in short we are an academic organization with a love for community service and brotherhood. Our virtual recruitment will be a bit different than usual, but still a lot of fun!

Jesselyn Manning, President -
Hi I'm Jesselyn. I am a senior, Biology major, Women and Gender Studies minor and I am planning to attend medical school. Phi Sigma Pi has given me a wonderful group of people who have uplifted me, encouraged me, and allowed me to grow throughout my time at TU. I don't believe I'd have the confidence, courage, and skills to accomplish everything I've done during my undergrad years without the resources I've received from the fraternity. One of my favorite events is our Big Little Reveal. It always brings in a lot of Alumni Members and brings us close together while we welcome new Members. I hope that you attend our Recruitment events because I believe that our organization provides a unique community and unmatched support to Members academically, professionally, and socially. I have watched Members grow so much in Phi Sigma Pi and only want to continue to foster that growth to another class of Initiates.