East Stroudsburg

Phi Sigma Pi is recruiting achievers that are passionate about developing as leaders and improving humanity through scholarship, leadership and fellowship. Does that sound like you? You're invited to meet our Members and learn about the process of joining Phi Sigma Pi at one of our upcoming events!

Emily Hegen

Emily Hegen, Co-Recruitment Chair, ehegen@live.esu.edu
I am a Junior Sports Management major, and I'm from Perkasie, PA. Phi Sigma Pi has given me the opportunity to connect better with campus. I have created life-long friendships and have created amazing memories! My favorite Chapter event is induction. That's when everything feels real, and you officially become a Member! I hope you'll join us at one of our upcoming events to meet the Members of Phi Sigma Pi and to see how you can get connected with campus. I hope you learn how this organization could impact your life and give you plenty of opportunities!

Lauren Klein

Lauren Klein, Recruitment Advisor, lklein3@live.esu.edu
I am a junior Early Childhood Education major, from Middletown NY. Phi Sigma Pi has given me the chance to peruse different leadership opportunities and gain a family. I love how I was able to create such close relationships with my other fellow Members. My favorite Chapter event is Brother bonding. I love learning new and interesting things about the Members. I feel that it makes our bonds even closer. I hope you will attend our recruitment and see how wonderful our Chapter is. They will get to experience different opportunities and see what we are all about! I hope that they will also find a way to connect with campus and make other important connections.