August 16, 2019


Taylor Brock, a 2016 Alpha Xi Chapter Alumna, is a career advising fellow for the Student Development Center at Elon University, and shares tips for the importance of communicating professionalism.


Present yourself professionally!

  • You can ensure current and future success by presenting yourself in a professional manner, which not only includes how you dress, but how you format your resume, as well as your networking skills.

Communication is Connecting

  • Teamwork is a vital part of the workplace, as it is in your Chapter. Communication is connecting, through each part of the professional process – from networking, to the job search, to the interview. You can begin this process by connecting with members of Phi Sigma Pi. Our Members can help provide a great foundation for a large network and are willing to help you be successful.  Social media is a great place to connect with Members you may not know, so feel free to post on LinkedIn or CORE asking if someone is pursing or is currently in a similar career you are interested in.

Connect via LinkedIn

  • Connect with Members who share a similar passion, by sending a connection request with a message explaining you are a Phi Sigma Pi Member. Be sure to include your email, so the Member can respond directly. Once connected, ask for an informal interview, where you can chat briefly about the Members professional responsibilities, and how to be successful in the field. Make sure to research the Member’s background by searching their LinkedIn and employer’s website. Make a fact sheet with core information about the individual and their company.

Communicate your personality

  • Your resume is undeniably important, but so is the content delivery. Organization and consistency in your resume show your potential employer that you are detail oriented. If you are in a creative field, experiment with fonts, a pop of color or anything that showcases innovation. A cover letter is an integral piece of your individuality, where you explain how your values align with the employers. Once offered an interview, consider how you will continue to communicate professionalism. First impressions are made immediately, so check out the website and possible social media photos of professionals in the workplace to gauge your level of dress for the interview. Thank-you notes are important to leaving a lasting impression, so be sure to write an email as well if you plan to write a handwritten note. Be sure to include specific remarks from the interviewer, and if there were multiple interviewers, write a note for each.

Professionalism doesn’t stop

  • Professionalism is essential throughout and after you get the job. Establishing good rapport takes time, so be sure to learn and understand the individual’s roles throughout the workplace. Ask questions politely, thank those who assist, and do not be afraid to seek help. Good working relationships helps build your professional network, which can help when seeking future employment.


A version of this article appeared in the Spring 2019 Issue of The Purple & Gold.