March 26, 2018

You never know where in the world a Chapter Consultant could be on any given day!  From coast to coast, Consultants are busy traveling by plane, train and car to visit Chapters on their campuses. These visits support our Chapters in their operations and strengthen their connection with the National Office. We checked in with Jenn Kubala and Vania Loper (Zeta Beta Chapter ‘14) to ask them some questions about their travels!

Jenn Kubala

Where have you traveled so far this year?
Oh Boy!  I started 2018 with Epsilon Phi Chapter (University of Cincinnati), then Alpha Mu Chapter (West Virginia University), Epsilon Iota (Ohio University), Gamma Beta Chapter (Morehead State University), Beta Xi Chapter (Miami University), Gamma Rho Chapter (Western Michigan University), Beta Iota Chapter (Ohio State University), Iota Chapter (Bloomsburg University), Beta Beta Chapter (Kent State University), Mu Chapter (Slippery Rock University), and finally with Zeta Gamma Chapter (Cleveland State University)!

What is the one thing you must have with you when you travel?  
My messenger bag! Its my computer bag, purse and backpack in one.  And it'll be SUCH a good carrier when I finally get a travel buddy puppy!  (That's not going to happen, but a girl can dream...)

Jenn's Messenger Bag
Jenn collects pins from every campus that she visits!

What’s your number one travel trip for new travelers? 
Make a travel bag of your toiletries and don't unpack it!  That way, you don't need to constantly unpack and repack.  You just grab and go. Seriously, I have packing for Chapter visits down to 10 minutes.

What do you miss the most about home when you travel? 
Being able to make dinner.  Restaurants are fun, but they lose their appeal after a month!  

Jenn with a Member
Jenn got to meet several Members from various Chapters at Leadership Academy. Here she is with Kristen from Epsilon Psi Chapter.

Any fun stories you want to share about your travels or visits with Chapters? 
I have great memories from every visit!. I’d have to say driving through the mountains of Morehead, visiting my Alma Mater, Ohio University,  or maybe my hometown of Kent State.

Vania Loper

Where have you traveled so far this year?
Gamma Xi Chapter (Drexel University), Alpha Pi Chapter (Penn State), Alpha Theta Chapter (Rutgers University), Alpha Beta Chapter (University of Maryland). Next up is Beta Lambda Chapter (American University) and Beta Mu Chapter (George Washington University).

Vania with the Alpha Beta Chapter
Vania during a visit with the Alpha Beta Chapter.

What’s your number one travel trip for new travelers? 
Explore! If you have time, walk around where you are and just sees what’s around. Also, a good night’s sleep makes the exploring possible (and more fun).

Where’s your go-to place to eat when you’re traveling? 
I can’t pass up some ramen, thai or pho if I see it. 

What do you miss the most about home when you travel? 
I miss my family. My little cousins are a riot. And I miss being able to sleep through the night.

What is one thing you want Chapters to know when you are traveling to visit them? 
I love talking with you! I love to see, experience and integrate into your Chapters as much as I can.

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Vania Loper - @pspVaniaL
Hanna Tesfay - @psp_Hanna