October 10, 2019

Christopher was excited to orchestrate the Chapter Service Key award process for Gamma Xi because he wanted an additional way to reward Brothers and to improve morale within the Chapter. The nomination form was sent out to the Chapter which allowed Brothers to nominate any Member they felt deserved this recognition. From here, the voting form was sent out with all of the nominees and the top three voted Members were considered for the award. As per Gamma Xi's local bylaws, a formal motion and vote was carried out to officially give the Chapter Service Keys to the three awarded individuals. The Gamma Xi President recommends that "all Chapters implement the Chapter Service Key award into their annual functions. It's a fun way to give back to Brothers that have contributed so much to the Fraternity." 


The Chapter Service Key is a gold rectangular pin set upon a key and consists of the Coat of Arms of Phi Sigma Pi. 

The Gamma Xi Chapter at Drexel University was excited to recognize three special Members in 2019. The 2019 Chapter Service Keys were awarded to Emilia Minhondo, Karen Yang and Lindsey Kinser. This award is given to Brothers who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Chapter.

Emilia Minhondo joined the Gamma Xi Chapter in fall 2016 as part of the Alpha Omicron class and has served as Co-Initiate Advisor, Initiate Advisor and Scholarship Chair. Emilia has dedicated herself to the Initiation program and is responsible for successfully guiding and integrating four Initiate classes into the Fraternity. She is also a certified Leadership in Action Facilitator and has represented Gamma Xi as a National Delegate at the 2018 National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

Currently serving in Americorps NCCC in California, Emilia made sure to stay active on Drexel's campus, as well as with HOBY. During her time as an undergraduate student, Emilia worked in Drexel's Student Life office, and also as a Medical Scribe at Jefferson ENT.

Karen Yang joined in spring 2016 in the Alpha Xi class and has served as Recording Secretary, Recruitment Advisor and Brotherhood chair. She introduced the Chapter newsletter to highlight key Chapter events, helped design the requirements tracker, and dedicated her time and passion to two successful recruitment terms. Most recently, she has been responsible for planning, leading and executing multiple events such as Brotherhood Blind Dates, Guardian Angel letters, Phi Sigma Pi's Beach Trip, and the annual Brotherhood Retreat, all dedicated to improving morale and showcasing fraternal fellowship.

Working full-time at CHOP as a Care Team Assistant, Karen is excited about her future and applying to several Medical Schools. Although busy, she still finds time to volunteer in an additional role at CHOP, as well as with the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society as a dog walker. 

Lindsey Kinser joined the Fraternity in fall 2015 in the Alpha Nu class and has served as Diversity & Inclusion Chair, Historian, Initiate Advisor, Risk Management Officer and President. She has revolutionized Gamma Xi by reorganizing the entire executive team and has created and maintained high standards for leadership management and accountability. She has supported and revamped the Initiation program for two classes. Lindsey spearheaded diversity and inclusion events and initiatives while being a great advocate and managing risk during all Chapter events. She is a certified Leadership in Action Facilitator and represented Gamma Xi at 2017 National Convention.

Currently working at Air Products as a Mechanical Engineer, Lindsey continues to stay in touch with the Gamma Xi Chapter. During her time at Drexel, she was involved with the Society of Women Engineers, served as a Board Member for Kappa Theta Epsilon, and assisted with the Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics open houses for new students.

Gamma XiChristopher wanted the recipients to know that "Gamma Xi is so grateful for all of your persistence and resilience within the Chapter. We just wanted to say we love you so much and thank you for leading by example and in helping shape Gamma Xi to what it is today." Thank you to these Members, and all of our Members who continue to live our mission, and improve humanity with honor every day. 

Is your Chapter looking for additional ways to recognize your outstanding Members? Nominate your Chapter for one of our several National awards! Recognized annually at our National Convention, there are many awards that you are able to apply for. If you are interested in presenting some of your Members with Chapter Service Keys, we encourage you to make this happen!