August 21, 2018

Collaboration happens every day from planning Recruitment to completing a project with your co-workers. Practicing the 6 skills for collaboration will improve how you collaborate and make you a stronger leader.

Effective collaboration is achieved when the results of the Chapter’s or group's efforts are greater than the efforts of an individual.

There are many skills that are needed for great collaboration, here are six of the most important:

1. Communication 4. Tolerance
2. Authenticity 5. Team Player
3. Compromise 6. Reliability

Learn more about each skill by watching the video above.

Want to hone these 6 skills to reach new heights when collaborating? Request the following Leadership in Action Modules:

  • Communication - Art of Effective Communication-Exploring Your Communication Style
  • Authenticity - Developing Emotional Intelligence-The Road To Resiliency
  • Compromise - Start the Conversation- Positive Conversations in Tough Situations
  • Tolerance - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- Leading the Conversation
  • Team Player - The Team Foundation-The Winning Combination
  • Reliability - Building Trust- The Seeds Of Success 

LiA Challenge
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