October 31, 2017

Gamma Xi Chapter Resume WorkshopMembers of the Gamma Xi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi at Drexel University are always looking for ways to beef up their Professional Development. One way they did just that was by holding a Resume Review Workshop. Usually, the Chapter gets advice from Advisors or supervisors but this time they looked within their Chapter for some guidance, to other Phi Sigma Pi Members. 

Scholarship Committee Chair Christopher Lee says, "Giving and receiving advice is not always as easy as it sounds. When dealing with something as personal as a resume, it's important to use the right language and tone to promote productive discussions." That's why before the Members got to critiquing, they held the Leadership in Action Module Successful Feedback-Giving Constructive Feedback.

The resume review took place immediately after the Module so that Members could apply what they just learned from the Module right into their resume feedback. 

"At the end of the event, our Brothers gained a variety of knowledge about different resume structures and layouts. We discussed important aspects of resume development such as fonts, spacing, formats, word choices and more. Along with this, Brothers learned new techniques and approaches to giving constructive feedback to one another. Some of our older Brothers who have had much more experience on co-ops were able to give great advice to our younger Members. Overall, we felt it was beneficial for all of our Members to discuss their resumes with people of different majors, experiences and interests." Christopher Lee (Gamma Xi Chapter)

This is just one great way to apply a Leadership in Action Module directly to something you are working on as a Chapter. Need some more ideas? Email lia@phisigmapi.org. 

Leadership in ActionRequest the Leadership in Action Module Successful Feedback-Giving Constructive Feedback and hold a resume review workshop of your own.