April 11, 2018

Eta Eta Chapter & Gamma Rho ChapterOn March 24th Members of the Eta Eta Chapter & Gamma Rho Chapter got together for a weekend filled with Leadership in Action Modules. Megan Fisher of the Eta Eta Chapter planned the event, "I chose LiA to base the ICR event around because my Chapter really enjoys Modules and I find that they are super helpful." 

Megan shared the steps she took in planning the ICR event:

  1. I ran the idea by our VP and then I asked a few Members if this event would be something they would be interested in.
  2. With interest from my Chapter, I posted in the Great Lakes ICR page to inform the other ICRs about the opportunity.
  3. I picked a day over a month in advance because I knew this would require traveling for the other Chapters and I wanted to make sure that they had enough to time to make accommodations.
  4. Delegated tasks:
    • I had the help of our President for planning the small but important details, such as room reservations.
    • I had help from Members who were willing to facilitate and help me run the event, I could not have done it without the help of my Brothers!
  5. Filled out the Event Planning Form

The Chapters completed the following Modules:

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence- The Road To Resiliency
  • Managing Stress-Analyzing Your Stressors
  • Talk Like A Leader- Standing Up For "I"

Leadership in ActionAfter a day packed with leadership learning, the Members took their skills to the arcade where they played arcade games and brushed up on their pool skills. 

The Eta Eta Chapter is excited to host this event again next year.