March 7, 2018

Delegating effectively can be tricky but when done correctly it can lessen the load off of the Executive Board and Committee Chairs. It could seem like more work at first, but delegating to Members of your Committee is worth it for everyone in the long run. The video above shares tips on how to delegate and the benefits that can come from it.

Remember as a leader and Officer/Chair you have to shift from doing tasks to delegating tasks. 

Delegation can provide challenges and opportunities to Members and it provides you with additional free time to complete other tasks.

There are many benefits to delegating, some include

  • Members get a chance to learn and grow
  • You are able to share your talent and expertise
  • You have more time available to focus on the challenges given to you by your Chapter Consultant, the Chapter or University
  • The Chapter gains more developed and refined skill sets in its Members
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