August 28, 2017

Both Phi Sigma Pi and HOBY have a shared vision of motivating and empowering individuals to make a positive difference. It is because of the similarities in our values and goals that make our partnership strong.

“Our respective organizations were formed and evolved completely independent of each other, but the similarities in our values and goals are reflected in one another’s desires to enhance the experiences of young adults...I believe we not only complement each other organizationally but can help one another grow and become stronger together! HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi want to help make our communities a better place and together we are stronger.” - Patrick Herron, Vice President of Philanthropy Development

Patrick also shared these statistics with the Grand Chapter to highlight the wonderful ways our organizations have benefitted each other thus far:

  • 62 new Phi Sigma Pi Members identified as HOBY Alumni
  • 344 Events hosted by Chapters to support HOBY
  • 6 LiA Lunch & Learns for 186 Phi Sigma Pi attendees
  • All 7 Leadership Academy locations had HOBY volunteers present
  • 28,000+ emails sent from HOBY to HOBY Alumni about joining Phi Sigma Pi

The partnership connects Phi Sigma Pi Chapters around the country to their local HOBY counterparts through service contributions, volunteerism, student sponsorship, conducting Community Leadership Workshops (CLeWs), in-kind donations, and more.

Phi Sigma Pi and HOBY look forward to the future of our partnership and discovering more ways we can work in tandem to increase each organization’s impact and accomplish our collective goals. 

Be sure to share how you and/or your Chapter has been involved with HOBY by emailing If you have any questions you can feel free to contact the Phi Sigma Pi National Office at or call 717-299-4710.

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