June 10, 2024


The Game Changer: Celebrating Women in Sports Journalism


As the current Sports Editor for her University’s newspaper, Mia Messina (Saint Joseph’s University ‘22) knows a thing or two about navigating the world of sports journalism as a woman. In February, she was recognized with a first-place Keystone Media Award for her story “Evening the Score: College Women Making Strides in Sports Journalism.” 


Messina’s article began as a class assignment. She and her peers were tasked to write a trend piece and chose to write on a matter close to her heart. Messina turned to the topic of women in sports journalism.

Mia Messina Headshot
Mia Messina (Saint Joseph's University '22)


Throughout her writing process, Messina spoke with former female sports editors of The Hawk, the student-run newspaper at Saint Joseph’s University. Many have pursued sports journalism as their career, and many shared an experience familiar to Messina - that of being the only woman in the room in a male-dominated field. 


“I have had experiences where I am the only woman in the room, and I wanted to bring light to other women's similar experiences,” Messina shares. “I believe college women are beginning to break through and that deserves to be celebrated and written about.” 


The story sheds light on the challenges women in sports journalism oftentimes experience but also highlights the power of the women who are pursuing their passion despite the obstacles along the way. 


“A lot of women question their skill set or if they're deserving of the opportunities they have been given. I fall victim to it myself, but in order to continue to grow and move forward we need to overcome this mindset,” Messina says. “I was always super proud of this story because of how much work I put into it and how much it meant to me; however, for that work to be recognized by others was such an amazing feeling.”


Outside of the newsroom, Messina is a dedicated Member of the Zeta Iota Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. She has held the position of Historian since her Sophomore year and credits her experience as a leader in the Chapter for her growth throughout college.


“As an Initiate, I grew much closer to my class, and so many of my friendships now result from that,” Messina says. “My experience as a Member has allowed me to be a more well-rounded person, growing in all three areas of the Tripod: scholarship, fellowship, and leadership. My experience has been invlauable and has helped shape me into who I am today.”

Check out Messina’s award-winning piece, “Evening the Score: College Women Making Strides in Sports Journalism” here.