October 3, 2017

Foundation Board of Directors

Meet the Foundation Board

These are the people that guide the strategic vision of the Foundation and do the important work of cultivating donors. They are all volunteers and they take the time away from their families and personal life to make our organization successful. They are also some of the largest donors to the Foundation, so if you see them, thank them twice for their dedication to the future of the Fraternity. Without them we wouldn't be able to raise the same level of funds and wouldn't be able to support the programs that grow our Members into leaders in their communities.


Christopher McCoy (Gamma Beta Chapter '07) is the Foundation President. He was elected into the position in August. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation, provides regular updates to the Members of the Foundation regarding activities and presides at meetings of the Board and the Annual Membership Meeting. Chris also served on National Council before his tenure on the Foundation Board.

Ellie Crout (Tau Chapter '13) was recently elected Treasurer. She is in charge of maintaining oversight of all financial accounts and investments, submitting an annual financial report at the Annual Membership Meeting and, in the absence of the President, will preside at all meeting of the Board of Directors.

Jonah Goodman (Delta Alpha Chapter '01) is continuing to serve as the Foundation's Secretary. His duties include distribution of notices and agendas of all regular special meetings of the Board and Members and recording and submitting minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Board and Members. Jonah received the Distinguished Service Key, the Fraternity's highest honor, at the 2017 National Convention.

Sarah Cantwell (Beta Sigma Chapter '03) is Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity's Vice President of Finance on the National Council. She serves as an ex officio Director of the Foundation.

Josh Marder (Alpha Rho Chapter '97), Jonah Nigh (NYMAAC '15) and Katie Peachey (Beta Psi Chapter ‘02) all serve as Directors of the Foundation. Their duties include attending Board of Directors meetings and the Annual Membership Meeting, they make up-front personal gifts to the Foundation, assist in all direct fundraising and recruitment events and raise funds for Phi Sigma Pi and its endeavors.

Upcoming Ways to Support the Foundation

5K: Run or walk to support our programs and get a t-shirt to show off your accomplishment!

Parents Club: Ask you parents or guardians to join the Parents Club. Not only will they be supporting Phi Sigma Pi, but they'll get a great Phi Sigma Pi Mom or Dad t-shirt. 

Day of Giving: Save the Date! Our largest single day of giving is Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Please consider giving a donation of any size and help us unlock matching gifts. We have lots of fun stuff planned!