March 6, 2019

Resource graphic HOBY 1Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation (HOBY) was adopted as Phi Sigma Pi’s official National Philanthropy by the 2017 Grand Chapter. So, What is HOBY? Check out this resource and the ones below to learn how your Chapter can support HOBY while living into our mission to Improve Humanity With Honor.

Q: Our Chapter is looking for ways to support HOBY. What are our options?
resources graphic HOBY 2A: Here are Three Ways to Get Involved with HOBY that include volunteering, donating event supplies and raising funds to sponsor student event attendance.

Q: We are looking for a fun, easy way to introduce HOBY to our Potential New Members/Initiates/Members. Any ideas?
A: Making HOBY Hugs as a Chapter is a simple activity that engages everyone around using their creativity to supportresources graphic HOBY 3 HOBY. You can make HOBY Hugs before or after a Chapter Meeting, as a Fellowship Event or as part of Recruitment or the Initiation Program.

Q: Are there any resources available through HOBY to help us plan ways to further our mission within our campus or local communities?
resources graphic HOBY 4A: Yes. The HOBY Community Service Project Planning Guide is a step-by-step guide for planning, implementing and evaluating a community activity or service project.

Visit HOBY’s website to learn more about our National philanthropic partner, and check out the Resource Center to view the current resources available to your Chapter. Let us know if you’d like moreHOBY logo information on HOBY or any other topic by emailing