January 2, 2024


Team Building


Your Chapter is a team, and cooperation is the name of the game. The key to your success is realizing that the team is only as strong as its weakest component and that you are one of those components. The team depends on you and your performance as an Officer. 


As you build your Chapter into a successful team, there are some key areas to address: 


Nine Chapter Officers pose for a photo.
Chapter Officers at the Beta Kappa Chapter at Clemson University

• Get to know all Members of your Chapter. Discover their needs and desires. 

• Establish a common goal. Everyone should be working together toward accomplishing the same goal. 

• Establish a common identity. Develop pride in being part of the group. 

• Provide recognition. Constantly recognize people for helping the Chapter achieve its common goal. This includes thank you cards, service keys, scholarships and certificates of recognition. 

• Learn to understand the Chapter Members. Everyone in your Chapter is a unique individual. You must learn how the Chapter can benefit each Member and have the Member benefit the Chapter. 

• Encourage involvement. Provide programs that allow all Members and potential Members to become involved. 


As you deal with your responsibilities as a Chapter Officer, keep these important aspects in mind. Teamwork is a building block that strengthens the fellowship leg of Phi Sigma Pi's Tripod. A team accomplishes much more than a group of individuals who have no common ties to one another. As an Officer, you are an important and integral part of that team.


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