Our Purpose
Phi Sigma Pi is a National Honor Fraternity, founded upon a basis of superior scholarship with the avowed purpose of advancing academic, professional and social ideals. Phi Sigma Pi exists to meet the needs of close fellowship among students of like ideals who are interested in personal/professional advancement for the purpose of advancing humanity. It’s a mouthful, we know, but we mean it!

Who We are
Established in February 1916 by the University President at the University of Central Missouri, we are a non-profit organization now based on over 120 campuses and geographical locations throughout the United States. Additionally, we are proud to have over 51,000 inducted members with the mission to improve humanity with honor through Scholarship, Leadership and Fellowship. 

Membership Benefits
What each Member takes away from Membership is different. But, we can share there are basic tangible benefits such as:

  • Meaningful Career and Personal Development – Become certified in our nationally award-winning program and receive a letter of recommendation that emphasizes skills such as: communication, being a first time manager, conflict management, emotional intelligence, and more
  • Effective Networking – Explore our growing network through our online community, professional partnerships and access to a vast network of Alumni
  • Annual Convention and Events – Join us when Members nation-wide come together to celebrate accomplishments and challenge the norm through keynote speakers and interactive programming
  • Service to Others – Through our national philanthropic partnership, as well as others, put your skills to task by strengthening your community
  • Time to Shine – Take the opportunity to show your pride by wearing letters and donning your Phi Sigma Pi graduation stole offered through our official vendors

Read our FAQ for additional information on programming, benefits and more.

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