Phi Sigma Pi is recruiting achievers that are passionate about developing as leaders and improving humanity through scholarship, leadership and fellowship. 


Kayla D'Almeida

Makayla D’Almeida, President,

Hello everyone! My name is Makayla D’Almeida, and I am currently a Senior pursuing my degree in Pre-Nursing. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, however, I am grateful to have found my place at the University of Missouri-Columbia as a Mizzou Tiger. Although I am not too far from home, I am ecstatic and passionate about meeting new people from all walks of life. I enjoy helping improve the community no matter where I am which is why I was inclined to be a part of Phi Sigma Pi.

As a transfer student, I know there are many obstacles and difficulties in finding your place on a new campus which may feel unfamiliar, and finding a group of people where you feel you belong and have a purpose. This is why I believe Phi Sigma Pi was such a great decision because not only are you able to meet new people, but this organization enables you to do so much more. Phi Sigma Pi allows you to make deep connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. Having fellow Members joining you on your journey as you strive to reach personal and academic goals is satisfying! I look forward to meeting everyone interested in Phi Sigma Pi!