Parents & Friends

Welcome parents and friends of Phi Sigma Pi!

Students who join Phi Sigma Pi often refer to the Fraternity as an extension of their family. The Fraternity becomes a place where a group of close friend grow together, learn together, participate together and come to care deeply about each other. It's only natural that we want the family and friends of our members to understand, accept and support our organization. We want the family at home and the extended fraternity family to work together to support and encourage our mutually valued student.

As you may have read or already know, Phi Sigma Pi is not a traditional Fraternity. Phi Sigma Pi takes the best attributes from an honor society, a service fraternity and a social fraternity and blends them into one organization different from all others. We engage the brightest and best academic students on campus and provide them with the opportunity to enhance their college experience and improve their abilities outside the classroom. We recognize that these students are typically some of the busiest and most active students on campus. Because Phi Sigma Pi is a blend of traditional organizations it offers a major advantage to the already time-challenged student. Phi Sigma Pi is an active group that offers strong academic students the chance to experience the benefits of three types of organizations all consolidated efficiently and effectively into one organization... the personal rewards of an honor society, the internal satisfaction of serving others and the memories and friendships that will last long after the college years are over. Phi Sigma Pi is unique.

However, we recognize that you may still have questions or concerns. It is important to all parties involved that you receive answers. Providing answers to your questions and communicating ways to assist and participate in your student's Phi Sigma Pi experience is the goal of this section.